5 ways to keep your Fridge organized

What is the role of a refrigerator or as others prefer to call it, fridge and how does it affect our lives?

The kitchen is our favorite place at home. This is where all the energy to work, study, and do anything in general originates from. We also know perfectly well that the heart of the kitchen is nowhere else, but in the refrigerator! This is without any doubt the center of gravity for us all. It keeps our food and snacks fresh and ready for use anytime we please.

However, the refrigerator does not only serve as the epicenter of good cooking, it’s also unfortunately the center bad habits. Whether the contents of the refrigerator are clean and fresh or not, the hard real truth is that the measure of your organization is in the arrangement of items in there. How easily and quickly can you find the ingredients you need to prepare that meal? Are items arranged neatly or randomly scattered all over? Is it easy to open the door without something falling over?

Because arranging your fridge in presentable manner is easier said than done, we have put together 5 ways in which you can do it for yourself.  Generally you tend to be happier and healthier when organized, so make a point to put your refrigerator in order today in case you haven’t.

1. Assortment of items.

This might sound like an obvious thing to do, but you wouldn’t believe how many people randomly throw things on the refrigerator. The best practice is to put things according to how well they would go together for example keeping eggs and milk close to each other for convenience. Use your daily eating preferences to determine how things should be kept. This makes it easier to reach for items without others toppling over and even spilling! Isn’t that simply a happier life?

2. Keep meat and fish in the coldest part of the refrigerator.

Uncooked meat or fish products should be stored in a crisper drawer to keep them far away from other foods. This goes a long way in preventing cross-contamination. Foil paper can be used to extend the shelf life by a few days, but ensure to use them within at most four days after purchase.

3. Keep eggs and dairy products in cold temperatures.

It is a common belief that eggs, cheese, milk, and cream should go to the inside door of the fridge. However, this isn’t the best practice. These products should be kept in cold temperature, preferably the top shelf to prevent spoiling. It’s even a better spot for accessibility when preparing breakfast in the morning rush.

4. Separation of some fruits and vegetables.

A good number of vegetables can be stored in the crisper drawer. However, they should be kept away from ethylene-producing fruits. This is because their closeness will increase decomposition rates. Good examples of these fruits include kiwis, apples, passion fruits, stone fruits, pears and mangoes. Some of the fruits and vegetables sensitive to ethylene include cucumbers, broccoli, avocados, carrots, eggplants and lettuce. It not all that serious though, you can utilize the ethylene to ripen some fruits like avocado faster.

5. Give special treatment to leafy herbs. 

A good example is the cilantro. It doesn’t usually take very long before the leaves turn yellow, then brown! To avoid getting caught in this, just trim the stems and place the bunch in a glass or jar fill of water. You will want to cover them loosely with a plastic bag then store in the middle shelf of the refrigerator. This will keep them fresh for at least a week, hence you can comfortably use them at your own pace.

Advantages of an organized refrigerator

     1. Improved organization at a personal level

For a starter in home organization, the fridge is the best place to start. It is a simple task that won’t eat up all of your time, but gives a great feeling of accomplishment. Life becomes much easier and feels good to maintain this kind of style for easy accessibility of items without damage caused by accidental spillages. This kind of organization is not only good for picking up your favorite food stored in the fridge, most important is the mental clarity you get as a result.

  1. Healthier feeding

A disorganized fridge can slowly lead to poor feeding habits. When you open that fridge and stand there staring, not able to find your left overs, some meat you want to prepare or even a can of beans you bought a year ago, meaning it’s already expired, that becomes an issue. You end up calling the restaurant to deliver fast food yet you have a full fridge in the kitchen! When your refrigerator is neatly organized, you will not be overwhelmed when you open the door to pick something, even if it’s just a snack to bite as you run out. It’s also easier to pick better options for a balanced diet from an organized fridge.

  1. Saves you Money

This comes in with the expiry dates that pass by without you noticing, if your fridge isn’t organized that is. Also important to remember is the top up you’ll do before you clear what you have first, which also contributes in the long run to expires in the fridge. All this can be avoided by having a neatly arranged fridge with the oldest items nearer so that they are used in good time before expiry dates come, that is first in first out. That goes a long way in saving valuable resources like money.

  1. Time saving strategy

Being able to see what you have and what you need absolutely saves you time, especially during rush in the morning. It is therefore important to come up with a system and maintain it, keeping everything in its right place at all times. When in a hurry, you don’t want to spend five minutes looking for sauce.

Way Forward

You might have to start from scratch. Prepare your space by taking everything out, thorough check of expiration dates, and disposing everything that’s gone bad. It might be a lot of work but you will definitely like the new look when you’re done. Clean everything up, let the fridge to air and start arranging a fresh. The everpicky.com/rack will come in handy to give your fridge the brand new look after the extreme make over! This should now be maintained, regular cleaning and reorganization will keep your fridge fresh for as long as you use, and you will surely be a happier person.

The above should not be treated as a one-time exercise, as it will also contribute in keeping away hazards such as accidental food poisoning from your home. Monitor your fridge weekly and look out for expiry dates and spoiled food, and act accordingly. The inside organization of a fridge gives a significant representation of a person as a whole. Well apart from their choice of delicacies, it tells how the person operates in their normal lives. Be the best version of yourself, keep the fridge in check!


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