Bonding With Your Baby

Bonding is the close connection between parents and their babies and this connection grows with each passing day. Sometimes this connection or bonding is instant. Parents fall in love the minute they look at their little "happiness". Other times, they take some time to have a strong bonding with their infant. This time can be longer or shorter depending on the parent’s nature. This bonding with the baby helps parents want to have pure affection for their baby and to love and protect their little one. Bonding gives strength to the parents to get up to feed their hungry baby in the middle of the night. It also keeps them attentive to the cries of their baby. Don't feel anxious or bad if you haven't started bonding with your baby, it will come with time.

Why am I not having a bond with my baby?

While bonding for certain people can be instant, others take some time. They just look at the little baby they brought home from the hospital and ask, "Who is this"? Don't feel bad if you're not bonding with your baby right from the start. You just need to understand that “Bonding with your baby” often takes time. You will find out that your attachment strengthens as you continue to care for your new baby. You buy all of the necessities and toys for them, and you just want to give your best to your babies. You will love spending time with your baby. However, this bonding with your baby might not be until your kid gives a toothless smile at you for the first time, then you finally know that you have bonded with your little one.

Tips & Tricks to have a special bond with your baby

Here are some tips and tricks that will be very helpful for you to have a special bond with your baby.

  1. Ensure to ask the hospital staff how you should communicate with and hold your baby even if the baby is premature. This will encourage and enhance the bond between you and your baby by you talking to them.
  2. When you return home with your baby from the hospital, spend as much time as possible carrying them in a waist baby carrier or kangaroo baby carrier, holding them in your lap, or humming a song to them. It can be very soothing for your baby to have your voice and touch at the same time.
  3. Sleeping in the same room/bed provides more time for both of you to bond. It helps you and your little baby to get to know each other in the best way.
  4. Try making contact with your baby from skin to skin. In premature infants, this procedure named "kangaroo care" is sometimes used, but recent studies show that it often calms full-term born babies too.
  5. Try providing a gentle massage to your baby. Research has found that massage can not only enhance the parent-baby relationship but can also reduce tension in premature babies and ease postpartum depression in the mother. Grab a recording, read a book, or take a lesson at a nearby hospital and learn how to massage your baby the correct way.

How infants form attachments

Attachment is where an infant and a caregiver (Parents) develop a close bond with each other mentally and physically. It is necessary to bond with your baby. It helps to release hormones in the brain and chemicals that stimulate accelerated brain development. Bonding with your baby also encourages the creation of ties that are important for learning between brain cells, the growth of the body of your baby, and the healthy development of your baby's understanding of who they are and how they can cope with feelings that make them upset. New born babies have no idea what they need and how to express it. A caregiver (Parents) who can calmly respond to their baby’s physical needs and still have plenty of affection must assist them.

Multiple products that you would love to have for your baby

When you start to fulfill your baby’s needs and try to respond to their requirements, you will feel more love and affection on their side. They will show their happiness and it will be easily observable. Try to learn and understand your baby’s signal, these will be helpful for good bonding with your baby. 

  1. Waist Baby Carrier
  2. Kangaroo Baby Carrier
  3. Baby Support Seat
  4. Baby Knee Pads

Waist baby Carrier

You can have a waist baby carrier for your little one. By this carrier, your baby will be attached to your body and they will feel more secure and comfortable. Body attachment will provide confidence and they’ll learn new things on their own. A waist baby carrier would be a perfect choice for you to have your baby with while moving around. These come in different colors and are quite adjustable too. These carriers provide full protection to your babies and you’ll also be tension free while performing different chores. You can carry your baby in this Waist Baby Carrier to take them outside with you too. These will be hassle-free. There will be no stress to drag big pushchairs. Your travel will be more comfortable and relaxed.


Kangaroo Baby Carrier

This kangaroo baby carrier would be your first preference while going out with your little baby. It is designed in such a comfortable way that it provides a standard comfort level to both baby and the carrier. The baby attaches to the body of the parent in this Kangaroo Baby Carrier and feels secure. It becomes comfortable for the parent too to carry the baby more efficiently. It provides a complete support system to the baby’s body. You can put your baby in this carrier and do several chores. 


Baby Support Seat

Baby support seat is a great product to buy for your little one when they grow up and start to sit. Babies mostly need support when they start to sit on their own. It’s a very important growth stage of the babies. Some babies learn to sit at a very early age while some of them start to sit a bit late. However, it doesn’t matter whether they learn to sit early or late. They always need a support system for their body and  Baby Support Seat is the best solution for your baby’s needs. It provides a completely secure system for your baby and keeps them straight. It covers the waist and thighs to protect them from falling over. Super soft and comfortable support seat provides a strong grip to your baby and they enjoy their learning process in the best possible way.



Baby Knee Pad

After learning to sit straight, the next phase for learning is crawling for babies. Babies learn to crawl and walk through their hands and knees. Baby Knee Pad is a perfect product for your baby while crawling. You can cover their knees with these crawling pads and help them to avoid any injury. These pads are comfortable, have good elasticity and are easily stretchable. They are designed in the perfect way to slide over the knee surface of your baby. 


Your babies are the most loved creatures in your life. They need proper attention and care. In each stage of growing, babies need proper attention. They attract you by their little gestures of love. They are one of the purest souls on the earth. Babies tend to be very punctual in their habits and needs. They just form a proper schedule for themselves and follow the same pattern. Generally, in the very start babies connect themselves to their parents only, but they will definitely interact with other adults. A baby is generally attached to the mother by month 8 of her pregnancy. When in the womb, a baby will understand and be soothed by the voice of the mother. At the time they are born, certain sounds from the natural language of their mother can also be heard by new born babies.

A baby might also form a bond with the father, grandparents, siblings, other care givers and vital childcare staff. If a mother finds it difficult to develop an attachment, becomes stressed or there is some other explanation as to why she cannot pay complete attention to her infant, this is especially important. This does not mean that your infant would be less attached to you as the mom when they develop relationships with other significant individuals. It encourages your child to think about being close to individuals.


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